3 data-driven tips to help retailers succeed
The pandemic was a period of the most uncertainty in retail, but things are getting back to normal with steadily increased foot traffic in retail stores and malls.

While people are returning to brick-and-mortar retail during the pandemic they got used to online shopping and expect a similarly seamless experience from the physical stores even more now.

The online world is constantly collecting customer data and experimenting with it, modern retailers often lag behind. Luckily with modern retail intelligence software, it is not only possible to accurately measure and test everything, but it yields great results.
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3 Key Tips:

Tip 1: Allocate your staff where
the customer needs them most
Increased traffic and sales, demand effective staff scheduling to maximize store conversion potential.
Tip 2: Provide continuous feedback
to store managers
By integrating store traffic data with store sales you can reveal real-time conversion rates. This allows for timely course correction to evaluate and improve the store's performance in comparison to other locations.
Tip 3: Improve store displays and campaigns
Equip your marketing team with purposeful traffic data to identify which marketing efforts are the most successful. If store traffic is lower than forecasted, marketing teams can revise advertising campaigns to drive customers' awareness.