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Counttrack® powered traffic data for any retail professional. Take business future into your hands with 99% accuracy, the highest industry standard.

Visitors experience insights to
increase sales

Сounttrack®3D People Counting System counts your visitors with 99% accuracy.


counttrack® Demographics uses artificial intelligence to collect visitors' data and analysis to help you improve customer experience.
Precisely understanding your visitors' profiles is one of the key insights to increasing your store's foot traffic and conversion rate.

Why analyze your shoppers' demographics?

Enhance the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns
Adjust your marketing strategy to your customers’ gender groups to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Merchandising Efficiency
Determine your merchandise and assortment levels based on demographic data to better accommodate shoppers' needs and effectively manage your investment in stock levels.

Improve Shopper Experience
Stay relevant to your real customer group to increase brand image and advocacy. This will help you to attract more visitors and an improved shopping experience will boost sales. 
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counttrack sensors

Smart, accurate, reliable

counttrack® sensors provide industry-leading 99% counting accuracy. It is the highest industry standard in hardware and firmware. Built for every needcounttrack® sensors are designed to overcome any challenging environments. Intense visitor traffic, harsh lighting conditions, people entering as a group, and walking hand-in-hand, are not an issue for counttrack® sensors' advanced detection features. To ensure the highest level of accuracy all data is recorded and can be accessed in real-time. counttrack® sensors are easy to install and manage with advanced sensors' status monitoring and our dedicated team, which can manage all sensors on the remote. 
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