About us

A retail-focused team
Our team consists of highly skilled software developers, retail customer traffic experts, customer service, operation, and data analysis experts.

A 360-degree service approach
Since the establishment of counttrack in 2008 we take a 360-service approach by maintaining the people counting sensors as well as validating data and ensuring a flawless data transfer.

Global support
From Germany to Malaysia from Peru to Russia, our artificial intelligence-powered sensors constantly collect data about people's movements from leading retail brands and shopping malls. Through our remote connection and supporting ability, we maintain and support all systems easily. Without any hassle on the customer side.

We manage the infrastructure.
You concentrate on your business.

In the core lies our in-house developed, IoT powered “counnttrack360” cloud-based platform. A centralized platform to manage all sensor data traffic, visualize store traffic data, manage, and update sensors. Our team is ready to help and assist you whenever you need it.

Our Team

Ufuk Borali
Founder & CEO
Louise Cambaz
Selim Sakarya
Team Lead
İrem Şendur
Software Engineer
Görkem Erbektaş
Software Developer
Sadettin Bölük
Support Engineer
Serap Atabey
Human Resources
Ahmet Selim Erkan
Junior Software Developer
Barbaros Taşdemir
Support Engineer
Kaan Özşahin
IoT Systems Developer


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