3 things to pay attention to when measuring conversion rate
Is measuring conversion rate truly important?
With increased costs for physical expansion, leading retailers are closely focusing on the performance metrics of their existing locations. Some retailers are still only looking at the number of sales to measure their success. However, such a narrow approach to store metrics can lead to an incarnate picture of store performance.

Looking only at the number of transactions at a given time doesn't give managers enough insights to work with and improve. Let's say your store had 200 transactions in a day. If you only had 200 visitors that day, it's a huge success, and you can learn from it.

However, if the visitors' count was 2000, your store has room to improve. In conclusion, you can not measure the success of a store without knowing the conversion rate.
Conversion rate data is essential for forward-thinking businesses that want to maximize their resources and understand their customers.

3 things to pay attention
to when measuring
conversion rate

1. Reliability of your people counters:
The first step to calculating the conversion rate is measuring how many people walk into your store at a given time. Major retailers are realizing that even a 1% improvement in conversion rate can correlate to millions of dollars in revenue therefore, accuracy is crucial.

counttrack People Counting solutions designed specifically for retailers can provide you with 99% accuracy.
2. Ease of use:
The second step is to integrate your POS system with the people counting solution.

You can easily integrate counttrack sensors data with your current POS system and, access extended store statistics in the counttrack360 platform, including conversion rate.
3. Future-proofing:
Information on conversion rate is a powerful tool to maximize your store performance. To go beyond the conversion rates data alone, you will need to combine it with various metrics. Such as staff count, weather statistics, conversion rates historical data, and much more.

counttrack360 - the leading-edge retail analytics platform makes this process hassle-free. The user-friendly software that constantly evolves with your business and specific needs allows you to track and compare a vast variety of store analytics in a single dashboard screen.


Without conversion rates and people counting data, retailers have an incomplete view of their operations and sales. Insights gained from conversion rates are one of the most important for retailers and can be effectively used to improve store performance.

Evaluate what your best-performing stores do well and what your worst-performing stores lack. Analyze the areas to enforce changes and monitor progress across the metrics for continuous development.